Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Still Love You

Four mouths are left crying.
They hunger in pain.
My husband he's somewhere
Getting smashed up again.

He cares not to help me
Brings back what he will.
Returns with the money
What's left from his fill.

Another inside me.
I can not provide.
I can't bring another
In this I confide.

You'll never know suffering.
Like the one I live through.
You'll be better this way
Remember I still love you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Prodigal Son

Children speak of tragedy
Transgression the whole world over.
Gossip cries and lullabies
And suffering white clover.

A shrieking cut of jealousy
That makes the whole room still.
A piercing silence all around
Not even you could fill.

Oh Lord my God I suffer here
So quietly disclosed.
I took and listened carefully
Of crimes left unexposed.

I begged for mercy over again
For undeserving grace.
My sins, my sorrow seeping out
Left true from my disgrace.

The prodigal son she is but lost
Her home still turned away.
Lull on the road she wonders through
Won't let her guilt display

I Should Have Seen The Sun

I should have seen the sun.
Felt the rays, all warm and steady.
But my mother she wasn't ready
And wanted me undone.

Oh I'd love to have seen the sun,
My life all wrapped up in twelve weeks
I must protest, but I can not speak.
But time for me its course has run.

Why could I not have seen the sun?
Was it the time? The money you'd pay?
Or maybe I was too inconvenient to stay?
But in this a choice I had none.

I never got to see those rays.
Before my life was taken from me.
With no law on my side I could plea,
Mommy, Daddy, your choice, it pays.