Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bitter Taste

I saw you as you wanted me to.
Wrapped up in the sound of your voice.
Your lies felt sweet in its deception.
Too young I was to understand.

A child I was, my innocence threw me
Into your arms. So naive a girl.
Four years of age was all that separated
But your knowledge I did not posses.

You touched me, caressed me, I was but shaken
Pulling back I didn't know what was wrong.
You held me, told me, "Don't be frightened,
This is what you're meant to do."

I wonder some nights if you still remember.
I sit in silence at the thought of your hand.
Using me, abusing me, continuing. I'm shaken.
The taste of your lips burned into my mind.

A child. A child. I was only a child.
I'm screaming aloud. And so were you.
Did you know what you were hurting, doing
To me, my body, my life, my soul?

Your memory, you haunt me. I can't forgive you,
You opened up something I can never turn back.
I hope one day you will come back and tell me
That you wished to undo what you did that day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


By now we should have written a song
And sang it in the rain.
By now we should have crossed the world,
And twice around again.

By now we should have made new plans
To finish our last dance.
By now we should have caught a wave
To gamble our last chance.

By now we should have walked the beach
A million steps we'd take.
By now we should have fed the world
A billion things we'd bake.

By now you promised me we'd see
The sun, the stars and moon.
By now we could have sailed across
The sky in one balloon.

And yet you still tell me this day
More things we should have done.
Of all you've promised me thus far
Fulfilled you have not one.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Handsome Perfection

His body glistened in the sunlight.
As he stares at the roaring blue.
What he's thinking I can not fathom.
The universe reflected through his eyes.

Still he looks upon the ocean.
Not a blink has crossed his eyes.
How deep in thought I do not know.
A world all of his own.

The water hops off of his skin.
The sun rays dance around him.
Buried deep in sand his feet,
And speckles upon his body.

Through my eyes he's handsome perfection,
No better a man can be.
I love him so, and this he knows
Forever mine he'll be.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flower Child

Safe she cuddles inside the only world she knows.
Carassing the soft satin that encloses around her.
This is all she experiences and all she wishes to experience.
She is a flower child, inside and out.

Gentle breezes rock her in her slumber.
The warm sun beams through with light.
Small drops of dew in the morning dance around her.
She stretches herself to the sky.

Quiet is her every surrounding.
Not a care or hurt crosses her mind.
She lives in peace, tucked far away.
Hidden from a world she's never known.

But there comes a day where everything changes.
A sudden moment and everything drifts away.
The shell gets cracked and out she falls.
Into a place she could never imagine.

No longer safe inside her skin of satin.
She experiences a world so different from her own.
The sun shines brighter, the rain drops bigger.
The wind quickly carries her away.

She lands on earth she's never encountered.
A strange new sight she's never seen.
She stretches again and looks to heaven.
A new life she starts again.

At first she fumbles, gets lost in the crowd.
She soaks up only what they leave behind.
Withered and weak she seeks new land.
New friends to guide her along.

She finds her right path, her place in this world.
At last she arrives into a place she can rest.
She sticks in her roots and grows tall as can be.
She truly is a flower child, through and through.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Own History

I write the history
I wish the world to remember.
Leave it to someone else
And the stories all change.

What I see through my eyes
I can't see through yours.
And your eyes will never
Understand through me.

History it blows
Changing like the wind.
The good become bad
While the bad, understanding.

Be the history you want to make
And write what you want to take.
Don't let someone else
Tell your life story.

She'll Never Know

Her name, Ever Silent.
My voice hushed,
She'll never know.

Her chestnut Hair blowing in the wind.
At the drive by. On the highway.
With the top off.

She turns the wheel.
My heart skips a beat.
A slight brush, a sudden rush.

And she'll never know.

I want to believe there's something more in her smile.
Something more in her voice.

Telling me yes.
Telling me to make my move.

But I won't. I can't.

And she'll never know.

Earth Coloured Eyes

She said to him
"You have eyes the colour of earth."
He laughed
"Only you would say that."

You always did bring out the best in me.

The big city lights and
The restless nights come and wither
Away, but you're home with me.

Safe with me. Here with me.

Even though you're miles
Away, light years away,
Far away. You've never been so close.

He said he would come back.
"You're my girl, I could never leave forever."
She kisses him back.
"You'll never really leave."

Three years ago today,
He still hasn't left. Not really
Left, but tomorrow he comes home.

She still whispers to him, to you
I do still see you, feel you, remember you.
The day you left, the day you never
Really went away.

The day I both lost and found you.
Found your life, your soul, myself.

My country.

I saw it all in you, through you, from you
From him. She learned it all from him.

From his earth coloured eyes.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Still Love You

Four mouths are left crying.
They hunger in pain.
My husband he's somewhere
Getting smashed up again.

He cares not to help me
Brings back what he will.
Returns with the money
What's left from his fill.

Another inside me.
I can not provide.
I can't bring another
In this I confide.

You'll never know suffering.
Like the one I live through.
You'll be better this way
Remember I still love you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Prodigal Son

Children speak of tragedy
Transgression the whole world over.
Gossip cries and lullabies
And suffering white clover.

A shrieking cut of jealousy
That makes the whole room still.
A piercing silence all around
Not even you could fill.

Oh Lord my God I suffer here
So quietly disclosed.
I took and listened carefully
Of crimes left unexposed.

I begged for mercy over again
For undeserving grace.
My sins, my sorrow seeping out
Left true from my disgrace.

The prodigal son she is but lost
Her home still turned away.
Lull on the road she wonders through
Won't let her guilt display

I Should Have Seen The Sun

I should have seen the sun.
Felt the rays, all warm and steady.
But my mother she wasn't ready
And wanted me undone.

Oh I'd love to have seen the sun,
My life all wrapped up in twelve weeks
I must protest, but I can not speak.
But time for me its course has run.

Why could I not have seen the sun?
Was it the time? The money you'd pay?
Or maybe I was too inconvenient to stay?
But in this a choice I had none.

I never got to see those rays.
Before my life was taken from me.
With no law on my side I could plea,
Mommy, Daddy, your choice, it pays.