Friday, July 25, 2008

Flower Child

Safe she cuddles inside the only world she knows.
Carassing the soft satin that encloses around her.
This is all she experiences and all she wishes to experience.
She is a flower child, inside and out.

Gentle breezes rock her in her slumber.
The warm sun beams through with light.
Small drops of dew in the morning dance around her.
She stretches herself to the sky.

Quiet is her every surrounding.
Not a care or hurt crosses her mind.
She lives in peace, tucked far away.
Hidden from a world she's never known.

But there comes a day where everything changes.
A sudden moment and everything drifts away.
The shell gets cracked and out she falls.
Into a place she could never imagine.

No longer safe inside her skin of satin.
She experiences a world so different from her own.
The sun shines brighter, the rain drops bigger.
The wind quickly carries her away.

She lands on earth she's never encountered.
A strange new sight she's never seen.
She stretches again and looks to heaven.
A new life she starts again.

At first she fumbles, gets lost in the crowd.
She soaks up only what they leave behind.
Withered and weak she seeks new land.
New friends to guide her along.

She finds her right path, her place in this world.
At last she arrives into a place she can rest.
She sticks in her roots and grows tall as can be.
She truly is a flower child, through and through.

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