Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Her smile is radiant
And her voice so sweet.
She will dance through your dreams
And tuck you in to sleep.

She brings joy to your eyes
As you gaze upon her face.
She lifts up your spirits
Like your saving grace.

She is sweet perfection
A beauty in all her ways.
She is the brightest star
Deserving all your praise.

She is the girl you wanted
The girl to love and care.
That girl she isn't me,
I'm not the one so fair.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ocean Coloured Eyes

I can't look you in the eyes
Without getting lost in your gaze
The gaze of your ocean coloured eyes.

I see myself so clearly
So deeply
So fully
When you look and see me
When you hold me
Kiss me

When you whisper sweet nothings in my ears

The sound of your voice
Filling every ounce of me
Every part of me
Through me and in me

You fulfill me in every way.

You touch me gently
And gently I feel my body tremble
Trembling and shaking
To get closer to you
To hold you
To feel more of your soft touches

You look at me longingly.
You smile.
I smile.

And once again I am completely lost
Lost in the gaze of your ocean coloured eyes.

White Nights

She remembers summer nights
Of pirate ships and golden castles
She remembers the grand balls
And the shiny glass slippers

She dreams of white horses
With long flowing manes
She dreams of her prince
Who will come to take her away

She sings of her sorrows
The pain that she feels
She sings of her memories
Of times that were real

She cries to herself
When she's alone in her bed
She cries to the world
Afraid of what lies ahead

She wishes on stars
To return to the past
She wishes that you
Will finally be her last

She longs for those summers
Of mermaids and fairies.
She longs to be someone's
Truly happy and merry.

She wants you to love her
With all of your heart.
To take her and make her
To never depart.