Saturday, July 12, 2008

Earth Coloured Eyes

She said to him
"You have eyes the colour of earth."
He laughed
"Only you would say that."

You always did bring out the best in me.

The big city lights and
The restless nights come and wither
Away, but you're home with me.

Safe with me. Here with me.

Even though you're miles
Away, light years away,
Far away. You've never been so close.

He said he would come back.
"You're my girl, I could never leave forever."
She kisses him back.
"You'll never really leave."

Three years ago today,
He still hasn't left. Not really
Left, but tomorrow he comes home.

She still whispers to him, to you
I do still see you, feel you, remember you.
The day you left, the day you never
Really went away.

The day I both lost and found you.
Found your life, your soul, myself.

My country.

I saw it all in you, through you, from you
From him. She learned it all from him.

From his earth coloured eyes.

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