Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bitter Taste

I saw you as you wanted me to.
Wrapped up in the sound of your voice.
Your lies felt sweet in its deception.
Too young I was to understand.

A child I was, my innocence threw me
Into your arms. So naive a girl.
Four years of age was all that separated
But your knowledge I did not posses.

You touched me, caressed me, I was but shaken
Pulling back I didn't know what was wrong.
You held me, told me, "Don't be frightened,
This is what you're meant to do."

I wonder some nights if you still remember.
I sit in silence at the thought of your hand.
Using me, abusing me, continuing. I'm shaken.
The taste of your lips burned into my mind.

A child. A child. I was only a child.
I'm screaming aloud. And so were you.
Did you know what you were hurting, doing
To me, my body, my life, my soul?

Your memory, you haunt me. I can't forgive you,
You opened up something I can never turn back.
I hope one day you will come back and tell me
That you wished to undo what you did that day.

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