Thursday, July 8, 2010

What A Choice

Choice is a choice is a choice they say.
You can't take that away, no no you can't take it away.
A woman isn't a woman isn't a woman today
Without a choice, that choice, what choice I pray?
To live, to die, to take, to break.
What you carry inside, you can't hide, you suffer the pain.
This choice, one choice, what choice in vain.
Empowering, liberating, your freedom, insane.
You can't fight the stains, not the deep stains
Already ingrained. The memories again and again.
A life for a life, precious balance in your hands.
They dismiss it, they confuse it, they shout across the land,
"Oppression oppression. They do not understand.
Your body, only your body, all at your command."
My body, only my body? Now I don't understand.
If no other, why bother, why worry, why lost?
If only you, no other, would it be worth the cost?

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