Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Stories We Weave

What a beautiful sight those days were.
Shorts with skirts we sat beneath the sky.
The only thing we saw was the sun.
How brightly it shone down on us.

At night we curled up together.
Under white sheets we looked to the sky.
The only thing we saw was the moon.
How lovely its beams lit through us.

You saw me dance around the trees
You loved me when I danced.
You joined with me in my splender.
Oh how silly we were together.

Do you remember those songs we sang?
While the world passed us by.
We watched it pass with big bright eyes.
Just two stupid kids in a world full of fools.

Time grew short while friendships failed.
We were so dumb but shared so much.
What was it that you used to say?
Always there just like a stone.

These strange lives we lived with stranger stories.
The pain and laughter we all weaved.
How much longer will we endure?
Til life and death joins together as one.

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