Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Am From

I am from a place of white,
Sheets so soft,
And lights so bright.

I am from a Timex clock,
Whose years tick by,
And time is locked.

I am from chinese food,
The sweet smell from the kitchen,
The taste is so good.

I am from those who are strong,
Who remember their lives,
And move past all the wrong.

I am from an open book,
With story upon stories,
For all to read, and all to look.

I am from a faded photo,
Of times once enjoyed,
And of a past it once showed.

I am from a happy birth,
Across a vast huge sea,
On the other side of the earth.

I am from "hold on to these moments,"
Every precious little thing,
Every one who's came and went.

I am from the smell of cherries,
So sweet the scent,
Like other small berries.

I am from the sound of tears,
Falling daily to the floor,
Flowing through the years.

I am from the look of others,
A daily comfort,
For those who suffer.

I am from broken dreams,
Through death and lost,
For nothing is what it seems.

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