Sunday, February 13, 2011

This, a written account,
Written about a girl.
She's faced with these decisions,
Always faced with the whole world.

Her life so many have lived,
So many have overcome.
But she's too weak to see,
and too young to become.

She's so ready to let go,
So ready to make it end.
Too much pain in the past,
Too many wounds won't mend.

This, a written account,
Written about a boy.
He's faced with all her hurt,
The hurt he wants to destroy.

His life he's greatly overcame,
His past he leaves behind.
He looks happily to the future,
With the girl he's so entwined.

He's so ready to move on,
So ready to start a new.
So much now to look forward to,
So much past he will undo.

This, a written story,
Written for the two.
Together they'll stand forever,
Forever with love so true.

He's opened her eyes,
The way she opened his.
This story may seem fictional,
But it's how it really is.

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